Sitemap - 2022 - Must Read Alaska

Ben McBride...the modern day Martin Luther King Jr.

Representative Kevin McCabe is getting sued by the LEFT!

Scott Kendall the force behind ranked choice voting says......

Danny Murphy co-hosts a very popular true-crime podcast and is a Page Six host for the New York Post.

Is Alaska turning blue??? Senate Majority Leader Hughes gives us the rundown on how the Senate organized.

Democrats out smart most of the Alaska Republican State Senators.....

Donna Arduin is THE state budget expert in the USA and she is talking all things Alaska budgets!.

Mayor Rodney Dial of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough is hopeful for the future.

Mining is not dead. Deantha Skibinski is boldly leading the charge for Alaska.

Recap of Election night and new CHRISTMAS SWAG!

Kelly Tshibaka calls out Murkowski for appointing a Biden, “Defund the Police” activist.

Constitutional Convention 101! MAJORITY LEADER SEN. HUGHES is a YES on the Constitutional Convention!

Tuckerman Babcock is against Ranked Choice Voting and PRO freedom.

Sarah Palin says she is now running her own campaign......

Pastor Ron says Christians should engage in Politics.

NFL to Community Leader: Junior Aumavae is a local HERO!

Senator Mike Shower sets the record straight! He was not gone 25% of the time and didn’t flip his opponent off.

Hayden Ludwig Senior Investigative Researcher at Capital Research Center

Kelly Tshibaka debunking the attack ads against her.

Junior is changing people’s lives, and Sarah Palin’s event was a bust!

Jim Minnery board member of Convention Yes talks constitutional convention!

Les Gara For Governor joins us today.

Dr. Mark Newcomb of Holy Rosary Academy in Anchorage, Alaska.

Ivan Moore of Alaska Survey Research

Dil Uhlin, HERO (Bronze Star Recipient) is running for Kenai Borough Assembly in Nikiski.

Dark Money and public information request......makes for a great show.

President Surangel Whipps Jr. of the Republic of Palau is with us!

Zuby says humor is how you take down humorless people!

Representative Gillham’s opponent voted in FAVOR of MA(s)K Mandates.

Robyn Bjork talks about the AK Medical Freedom Symposium.

A traffic light started it all for Senate Majority Leader Shelley Hughes!

Teea Winger is running for Kenai City Mayor and she is EPIC!

Kelly Tshibaka is Pro God and Pro Energy!

Ranked #37! Budget Expert Donna Arduin talks about her ALEC Book that ranks all Gov.

Mayor Jim Matherly loves Fairbanks and thinks you should visit.

Cordova Mayor David Allison Cordova says the Ferry System is critical to his community.

Rep. Sarah Vance wants to make sure no one dies in a hospital bed alone!

Pastor Matt of First Presbyterian Church talks about the Homeless problem in Anchorage.

Mayor Pierce resigns as KPB Mayor to focus 100% on his campaign for Governor.

The Pastor of the BIGGEST Church in Alaska spills the beans on Jesus and Politics.

Courageous + Epic = Anchorage Municipal Manager Amy Demboski​

Dave Stieren is talking about Alaska and if our better days are behind or ahead of us.

Boxabl is the Tesla of the housing industry, and we got their Founder Galiano Tiramani live!

3rd time is a charm. Kathy Henslee is running for Alaska House District 13!

August 2022 Election night Recap

Doug Burleigh is quietly, one of the most influential men in the world. DO NOT MISS OUT !

Palin’s will Host a Nick Begich for Congress fundraiser!

Senator Kiehl of Juneau talks ferry system and fixing the sewage problem in Juneau.

Project Veritas Action talks with Suzanne Downing!

Tuckerman Babcock does not support Ranked Choice Voting, and his opponent does support it.

No more amnesty boxes! Lt. Gov. candidate Nancy Dahlstrom talks about her time as Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Corrections

Bernadette Wilson + Ranked Choice Voting Educational Event = EPIC

Assemblyman Jesse Bjorkman talks about running for state senate and moose hunting with students.

Dave Donley is a Living Legend and the sole conservative anchorage school board member!

Mayor Pierce who is running for Governor, says there are serious problems with our election system.

100,000+ people’s private data was breached! Let’s talk election integrity with the legendary Senator Shower.

Nonprofits across Alaska listen to this! Diane Kaplan CEO of the Rasmuson Foundation talks shop.

Alaska Sweatshirt Giveaway with Alaska’s own Instagram Star ’Girl in Alaska’!

Mayor Bronson says there is NO Humanitarian crisis with the location of the homeless camp.

Walker’s Loyalty Pledge letter exposed! Plus, Mayor Pierce gets two HUGE endorsements!

State Senator Robert Myers talks about beating Coghill and saving the Ferry system.

Vladimir Putin! Former News Anchor and Good Morning Alaska Show host, Dorene Lorenz talks about her favorite interviews.

Professional cyclist Kristen Faulkner from Homer, Alaska, is on a mission. She is ranked top #15 in the world in Women’s Cycling!

Bethany Marcum - CEO of Alaska Policy Forum talks Alaska Leadership Academy.

Kelly Tshibaka talks about her meeting with President Trump and how Rank Choice Voting works.

Xtratuf Giveaway! Hear from the CEO and CMO of Xtratuf and Rocky Brands Inc! Listen now!

Yakutat, Alaska is 6x the size of Rhode Island and has 662 people in it! Mayor Bremer gives us the inside scoop.

Billboard Chris is on the Must Read Alaska Show

RECALL! PALMER, ALASKA City Council member Richard Best talks recall and much more.

Joe Biden is doing an awful job! Shoshana Gungurstein, who is running for US Senate, explains why.

From hometown Hero to elected official. Rep. Mike Cronk is in the House!

From OBAMA to TRUMP. A Trump team member shares their story!

#1 best-selling author Melissa Cook PLUS a HUGE Giveaway!

Living legend Mat-Su Mayor Edna DeVries talks all things Mat-Su!

Rodney Dial, former Alaskan State Trooper and current mayor of The Ketchikan Gateway Borough.

Representative Ron Gillham calls for the City of Soldotna, City Manager to be FIRED!

Abortion, prayer, and where’s the church? Jim Minnery, executive director of Alaska Family Council, sits down with Suzanne and John.

John Quick sits down with Comedian STRIDER WILSON.

Brett Huber talks about (Dark Money Funded) Ranked Choice Voting and how horrible it is.

Senate President Peter Micciche does a 2021-2022 recap.

Tuckerman Babcock talks rank choice voting and if Sarah Palin could win.

Rep. Kevin McCabe is going to take on the Unions and will try to make Gold a Currency in Alaska!

Nate Vallier, ALASKA travel expert and President of Alaska & Yukon Tours.

Americans For Prosperity - Alaska State Director Bernadette Wilson gets FIRED UP!

Nick Begich talks gas, groceries, and what is happening on the campaign trail!

Is Palin running out of money?? And this could be the biggest ballot Alaska has ever seen.

Jesus is Jamie Allard’s Hero and she has a HUGE announcement!

MONKEYPOX, Forrest Dunbar and all things Alaska Politics.

The Patriot Act is Stalin’s Wet Dream....Chris Bye is Libertarian Party endorsed and running for US Congress.

Jeff Lowenfels talks about being a gardener, running for Congress and cannabis.

SEAL Team ONE living legend Rep. Laddie Shaw talks about who his HERO is!

PRO LIFE Senator John Coghill explains why faith is so important to him.

It costs $20k+ per student for public schools in Alaska, and some State Employees are getting 15% raise!

Mayor Charlie Pierce cuts taxes, balances the budget, and runs the Borough like a business.

Let’s go Brandon! Vote! PFD! COVID! Firearms & free Speech!

Special Guest - Alaska’s Instagram Star ’Girl in Alaska’! Listen to learn how to enter to win a giveaway!

$5500 PFD/Energy rebate??? Live with Rep. David Eastman of district 10!

Santa Claus talks about being a monk, enjoying WEE-(D) and getting a vasectomy!

They did it again! The Alaska Senate votes down the 50/50 Permanent Fund Dividend.

Special Guest: Tara Sweeney , President Trump’s Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs

Is the Alaska Legislature set to increase the budget and bring back a defined retirement system, but not fund a full PFD?

Libertarians are taking over? Live with Tyler Harris, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party National Committee.

Living legend Donna Arduin talks working with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeb Bush and many others.

Addicted to Meth? Hear from Jennifer Waller, Director of Freedom House in Soldotna, about how she can help you.

Sarah Palin says Alaska Republicans are just a good ol’ boys club....

Rock Star Guest ALERT! Ronna McDaniel Chair of the GOP National Committee.

Inflation is killing working class Alaskans, and it’s only going to get worse!

Jim Minnery stands firm for Female Athletes in Alaska.

Does a Trump Endorsement matter for Palin, Dunleavy and Kelly Tshibaka?

The President wants your ghost guns, and liberals love mask mandates. Happy Easter!

Sarah Palin vs. Nick Begich vs. Santa Claus - The ultimate showdown!

Conservatives lose big in the Anchorage Election, and Santa Claus runs for Congress!

Sarah Palin is running for US Congress, Anchorage Elections and MORE!

Representative Ben Carpenter is ANTI-MASK Mandate and he is not backing down!

Critical Race Theory, mask mandates and Christian values. Live with Mark Anthony Cox for Anchorage School Board!

Special Election, Rank Choice Voting, Mail-in Ballots, and Unlimited Campaign Contributions, Oh My!

Congressman Don Young’s 1984 Campaign manager, Frank Bickford is in the house!

You’re not getting a full PFD this year, and your 2nd Amendment rights are in jeopardy again

No one should have to die in a hospital alone! With Special guest Rep. Vance

Bernadette Wilson of Americans For Prosperity - Alaska is talking Certificate of Need!

Alaska Senate Bill 140 addressing girls sports based on biological sex.

National CPAC Award winner! Special Guest Alaska State Rep. George Rauscher!

THE PEOPLES MAYOR! Mayor Pierce talks about running for Gov, Freedom > C(VID), and common sense politics.

Alaska is Becoming A Trust Fund Baby! With guest Representative Tom McKay.

CRT? Anchorage School Board Candidate Ries stands up FOR kids and parents’ rights!

Mandate Freedom! Host James Baisden covers the news for Must Read Alaska.

Ronald Reagan! Five Questions with Host John Quick and guest James Baisden.

Kelly Tshibaka has a private dinner with Trump!

Secret Text messages! Tune in to hear the latest scandal involving Senator Tom Begich and much more.

What the Tom Sconce, AK Truckers Show Support, LaFrance Droppin’ ”F” Bombs

Special Guest: Diana Furchtgott-Roth - The Pro Act Armageddon for America

Special Guest: Randy Sulte - Property Tax Shenanigans, Assembly Outrage, A Conservative Campaign

Special Guest: Kathy Henslee - Property Tax Apocalypse, Power Hungry Assembly, Campaigning in District 4

Special Guest: Kevin Cross - Candidate for Anchorage Assembly District 2 (Eagle River/Chugiak)

Special Guest: Bee Hanson - Anchorage Election Accountability, Election Integrity, Future of Mail-In Voting

Biden’s SUPREME Loss, #BareShelvesBiden in Alaska, Bronson Wants Muni Clerk Accountability

Special Guest: Matthew Fagnani - Alaska’s Military Defense, Mariculture, and Agriculture Economies

Special Guest: Senator Shelley Hughes - Winter Storm Disaster Relief Fundraiser

Special Guest: Sen. Peter Micciche - 2022 Senate Goals, The PFD Problem, Keeping Access Open to the Public

Gov. Dunleavy Pushing for Election Integrity, BIG Changes by Bronson, Lefties Losing Faith